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Questionnaires – Final version

Teachers_Educators Questionnaire_Survey IO1

Students_young people Questionnaire Survey IO1

Parents Questionnaire_Survey IO1

Documents shared during the Trasnational meeting of 13.11.2019

UP&UP_ Questionnaire for the evaluation of events template

UP&UP Monitoring and Reporting

Survey stereotype draft_Telefono Rosa_trainers

Survey stereotype draft_Telefono Rosa_students

Survey stereotype draft_Telefono Rosa_parents

Questionnaire for the evaluation of TPM template

Questionnaire for the evaluation of KOM template

Proposal of Annual detail plan

Poster I ME

Photos, Video and Audio Recording Consent Form


Introduction – Stereotype survey questionnaire

Evaluation Plan

Certificate of Participation template


Attendance list template

Agenda Open Your Mind

Activities and tasks – Torino

Activities and tasks – Spain

Activities and tasks – Romania

Activities and tasks – Greek

Activities and tasks – Bulgaria

Activities and tasks – Bronte

Activities and tasks – Belgium

Def 18 DIC 2019 Budget-Amendment_KA21

Activity Report – Nov 2019